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The four-man crew of movers showed up at the apartment at 8 AM on Saturday, as planned; the furniture was in the house and the credit card charge slip signed three hours later. They took all the stuff that won't fit in a VW Jetta wagon or Honda Fit and a fair amount of the stuff that would fit; if it was packed and sealed, they took it. AT&T showed up a bit after 3 to set up the TV signal, the Internet connection, and, yes, a land line, because I'm a sentimental guy who bought a nice, four wireless handset rig shortly after my divorce. Never mind that the window for AT&T was 1 PM - 3 PM, or that I'd talked with an AT&T guy finishing a different job down the street at about 11 AM that morning.

So, for the next two weeks or so, the standard answer to almost any question in the home is, "Did we unpack that yet?" followed closely by, "Dear, do you remember where we put that away?"

It was a busy weekend. It was a tiring weekend. For June in Austin, it wasn't quite "hot," but it was in the high '90s F; I'm tanned in places and burned in a few places. Also, we've resumed doing laundry.

I may take Wednesday off to make a huge push to "get stuff done," such as setting up the video stuff (TiVo, DVD player, Wii, maybe PS2), stereo in my office (tuner, integrated amp, 300-disc CD jukebox, maybe vinyl record player) and any number of pieces of mail or credit card charge slips that have been in limbo for a couple of weeks.

It wasn't nearly as bad as I knew was possible.
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