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Some of you may remember that upon arriving in Austin, I allowed a high school classmate to convince me that she and I could ride in the Hill Country Ride for AIDS the following April. We'd been on a bike-and-train tour of Great Britain one summer in high school, and her company both supported HCRA and had a team of riders in it, so she was under some pressure to ride it. The HCRA has several distances, but she assured me we could be ready to ride a century in 11 months. She'd made similar long rides before, she assured me, and she'd be with me all the way.

Well, her last training ride was six months before the ride, and she wasn't even anywhere near the ride venue on the weekend of the ride. I didn't try for the century -- I rode "only" 65 miles that day on my first supported ride. I raised about $2000 in sponsorship money, and I had a blast. I also broke a bone in my left arm, which disrupted my bike riding, and my disappointment that I hadn't met my ambitious goal put me into something of a depression. I didn't ride HCRA in 2011, and with the spring of 2012 being dominated by my wedding, no, I haven't done any good training, well, since the 2010 HCRA.

So, I just signed up for the HCRA's sister ride, the Mamma Jamma Ride, to benefit breast cancer research and support. It has many of the same organizers, being six months away from the HCRA. In 2012, my goal is merely the 45 mile circuit; that gives me 108 days to get from "Can I even do 15 miles?" to doing the 45-mile ride with confidence. The logic is, if I tell the whole world I'm going to try something, I'm less likely to wuss out.

That's only the warm-up, though. My real goal is to ride a century, before I turn 50, or at least within a month of turning 50 -- the Mamma Jamma Ride is usually a couple of weeks after my birthday, and there aren't any local centuries in the weeks before my birthday. I'll probably do either the HCRA in the spring or Austin Cycling Association's Armadillo Classic a little after HCRA. Maybe I'll do both? If I do 45 in October at the Mamma Jamma, I should be in good shape to do 65+ in the spring, and hopefully at a pace that makes me think I can do a century with some more training. (My pace in the 2010 HCRA was slower than I expected, and it would have slower still if I had gone half as far again farther.)
So, yeah, I'm opening my mouth for both this October and next October, to ride for others as a fund-raiser and to ride for myself.

If anyone wants to sponsor me, PM me and I'll e-mail you a link where you can donate.


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