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I awoke from a longer-than-intended nap rather hungry. I hadn't eaten before an 18-mile bike ride, and I barely ate when I got home, because I thought the plan was for DW and I to go brunch together. That didn't happen, and the ride had worn me out (good news: I'm back in training for an organized, fund-raising bike ride. Bad news: I need the training, badly!). I don't often feel like anything I have on hand when I'm hungry like that, but I remembered that the Kerbey Lane restaurant closest to me had Tweeted and posted on Facebook that they're having "Mexican Chocolate" pancakes all week. Kerbey serves breakfast 24x7, so I knew that I could have, say, a burger and fries, and the Mexican Chocolate pancakes, too. So, I drove past several good burger places, some local, some national, to get to Kerbey Lane and have a burger, home fries, and the pancakes.

After finishing the burger and moving into the pancakes, I asked the waitress to invite the manager over, stressing that it wasn't about her service, it was about why I had come in today. When the manager arrived, I told her that I can come in precisely because of the Tweets and Facebook posts about the Mexican Chocolate pancakes. "So, this isn't a complaint?" she asked. "No, it's not. Sometimes customers say nice things to managers," I replied. Then we chatted briefly both about their efforts to add some new items to their pancake rotations and other rotations, and some about their social media campaigns.

After a few minutes and a few more bites, I caught her eye again. "These might be even better with whipped cream." So, she got me some, and waited for my reaction. Getting my endorsement, I think the Mexican Chocolate pancakes will come with whipped cream, or at least an offering of whipped cream, at least for the rest of the manager's shift.


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