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Now that Lance Armstrong has stopped fighting accusations that he cheated in his cycling career, details are starting to come out that seem to add up to something close to proof.

Do I care? Not much. has an article pointing out that all of the runners-up in Lance's now vacated-victories have also been penalized in their careers for doping. Maybe there are clean competitors in competitions like the Tour de France. If there are, they're the ones who have a valid complaint against Lance and the others who cheat in that competition.

Me? I'm simply amazed that anyone can ride that many miles at that pace for so long. I still haven't finished one century ride ever in my life; these guys do that over and over again, sometimes in mountainous courses. More power to those who do it without chemical enhancements, but they're all doing things I can't imagine doing.

It also doesn't take away from Armstrong's work in support of cancer research and cancer victims. He's a symbol of hope for them. That is somewhat mitigated if his cancer was triggered by steroids or other drugs taken for illicit purposes, but to millions of cancer patients and their loved ones, he's a symbol of hope. I respect that.

I wish I still believed he was innocent of the charges, but in some ways, the news that he was cheating makes him more human, a little closer to me on the bell curves of life. Not much closer than me; all of those cyclists are way out there on endurance and speed. But now he's in a thicker part of the curve, a little.
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