Mar. 12th, 2012

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My reaction today after my first day back at work was, "Remind me again, why do I like my job?"

In the week and a half I was away, any number of problems get bungled by our off-shore contractors and even by my usual colleagues, and that's before I heard what management has decided. A problem I noticed before I left was called into IBM -- but while I was gone, our proxies accepted an answer from IBM that rather blatantly ignored several points I had pointed out because I thought they were relevant. When I pointed out to my colleagues the inadequacy of the answer, a colleague I normally trust and work well with parroted back IBM's answer.

The point that almost amuses me, but really disgusts me, is that management has decided that a project that was projected to be partly finished eleven months from now will instead be complete in six months. They haven't explained how we're going to order and install the necessary equipment in time. They haven't explained how they're going to cover the short-fall in the capital the need needs. They just made a decision that it would be great if we got this done in six months total instead of at least twelve months. They also didn't acknowledge our answers about why we need other hardware to handle the current overloaded servers.

Our Operations staff seems to be too busy not drowning in their workload to consider a proposal that would lighten at least part of the load.

My manager also challenged me on why I charged time to the "fix it" budget code instead of the much beloved "build it" budget code. I'm used to charging stuff to "build it" when there's any a faint reason to do so, but the project managers seem to be suddenly cracking down on dubious claims to "build it" budget codes. I'm strongly tempted to just charge all of my time to "fix it," because that's what we need now, especially since we're barely building anything these days. Fixing stuff is what I like; fixing stuff is what I'll do.

Along the way, I'll "counsel" the off-shore guys who are supposed to be fixing stuff on what they're missing and what they're getting wrong on the stuff we delegated to them. I'll also start riding herd on the Operations guys who are supposed to fix their client problems.

Why do I like my job? Because I can fix things that are worth fixing. And I will, damn it.


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