May. 26th, 2012

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Three years ago, I started my current job. That alone should make today a day to celebrate.

Instead, I'm more than a little stressed.
  • I'm not keeping up with routine housekeeping paperwork; my desk is constantly piled up with statements and receipts.
  • The fact that we're closing on a house in two-and-a-half weeks means there's more to do than usual, both paperwork and physical labor around the apartment, starting to pack.
  • I haven't done much about my health since my last doctor's visit, so the visit this week won't go well. I change my mind about taking a new medication she recommended, and I'm not increasing my exercise like I keep vowing to do.
  • Consequently, I'm not as energetic as I expect to be, contributing to the first two points.
  • One of the three other TSM administrators I work with left our team about a week ago. At this point, our workload isn't unmanageable, but it shortens the cycle between weeks on-call; I'm on-call this weekend, for example.
  • One of the reasons he left was that we told ourselves there wasn't a justification for giving him a green card, that we could find US citizens to do the job. We made an offer; it was refused. So far, we haven't found other candidates to fill the job that get past my manager's screening. I don't like the feeling that our assessment of the availability of US citizens to do this job was wrong.
  • Our off-shore contractors, who we didn't want, seem to be bungling some of the nearly basic tasks we give them. Two of the four are supposed to be TSM-certified, but my experience today with one of them makes me think he's missing basic problem determination skills or doesn't have the TSM skills he's certification is supposed to indicate. It's not that it was a question anyone could have answered off the top of our head, but there were three or four straight-forward, standard steps to take to translate the customer's request to the real root cause and suggest a solution. Also, this call came up because they moved a client from one server to another without realizing this wasn't wasn't exactly like the other 1500 they've moved. OK, for such a low rate of exceptions, I sort of can understand why they missed it, but it doesn't speak well of them that they don't excel at what little we ask of them.
  • Our cats at home have gone from aloof towards me to so used to me, they frequently demand attention I'm not in a position to give, like while I'm trying to write this entry. This probably means my priorities are screwed up.
  • This probably wasn't the week to try to participate in a LiveJournal friending-frenzy. I've stuck my foot in my mouth at least once in just a few days. My response to that being pointed out to me was one of the indicators of how stressed I am.
  • It also wasn't a good time for the Cable DVR to die, taking with several episodes of TV shows I try to keep up with. Some (Mentalist, Blue Bloods, Person of Interest) aren't available on-line, so I saw some finales without seeing penultimate episodes. I'm slowing working through the last episodes of Awake with my wife as our not-quite-meshing schedules allow.
Time to submit this, have as nice a lunch as I can with what's in our apartment (oh, yes, they're working on the building's water today, so, no water pressure. Fortunately, I'm stocked up on diet sodas.) and then do lots of bookkeeping.


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