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What's the use of having a computer if you can't debug it when it acts up?

Even if it's packaged as an appliance, not a general purpose computer?

I'm talking about my current TiVo.
You've probably read this before. )
TiVo doesn't know how to debug this problem. The people who answer the tech support line when I call to take another try at resolving this don't have any instructions on how to retrieve error logs from a TiVo, or how to tell a customer to do so. Nor do they have a procedure to escalate a long-running problem that's defying all their usual methods to the folks who really know what works and how to get their help. In short, they really, really are treating this like an appliance, one that happens to use the internet and calls home, but they can't exploit that to help me.

I'm tempted to call TWC and see what it would cost to get one of their cable boxes and just use my TiVo for over-the-air HD (the six broadcast networks, more or less). For the first ten years I was a TiVo owner, I couldn't imagine a scenario in which I'd say that, but that's what it's come to.


Edit to add:

Almost as soon as I posted this, someone else from TiVo called me back to ask what he can do to help, so I described the problem to him as well. He asked me to run the TiVo without the tuning adapter for a few days to see what happens. I'm not sure how I'll interpret things if nothing bad happens, but I'm willing to meet them half way and see if a different symptom emerges.


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