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I'm enjoying playing with the reporting tool, at least partly because there's no pressure on me.

It can be maddening at times (I really would like to have drinks with the architect(s) of this product: "What were you thinking when...."), but there's enough potential here to keep me engaged.
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Twas the day before Christmas,
and all through the data center,
not a creature was stirring,
except for the skeletal staff under strict orders not to change anything.

and a repairman from our storage vendor,
working today because they couldn't get there early enough last night,
to fix a balky storage library that is running on a backup part because a primary part failed.

I'm not at work; I'm at home, supervising the repairs and controlling attempts to access that library during the repairs. I'm annoyed that they missed their promise to arrive so they could complete the repairs before our evening backups started, but c'est la vie, et que sera, sera. After this is done, I'm on call for the weekend (someone has to be, and last year I was in Hawaii at this time), but that should be easy enough.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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The weather is gorgeous.

Work is "interesting"; we found a bug in our virtual tape libraries and so are embarking on a program to patch one pair a day until all twenty or so pairs are patched. We can't back-off the patch, so we keep one library in reserve at a time and burn each patched library in for a day to make sure we didn't hurt the library before moving on to the next. Lots of paperwork (one set for each library pair), lots of tedium, but it'll be good when it's over.

My formerly ingrown toenail is healing nicely after being operated on two weeks ago.

Life is mundane, which is fine with me. I've got my icon to look forward to in less than two months.
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I've always been one to embrace a challenge,and verbose about it, too. )

My current dilemma is thisStill verbose ). That would be a no-win situation.


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