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My last dream before waking this morning was both graphic and bizarre. In some sort of beach resort town, Dr. Spencer Reid, my brother, and I were tailing some guy in a bar who wasn't a suspect yet, but he was a person of interest, and we weren't supposed to spook him. Somehow, though, my brother was nagging me about being too carefree about going through doorways that hadn't been "cleared" after the guy left a bar. We lost the guy, and then we split up. At some point, I had a lunch somewhere and paid with a credit card. At some point later, I realized I was wearing only a t-shirt -- naked from the waist down, which meant I also had lost my wallet. Somehow, I managed to remain calm, just walking back to the guesthouse where we were staying, to get new underwear and shorts so I could retrace my steps and try to find my shorts and wallet. I made it back to the guesthouse, but I awoke before I headed out and looked for my missing clothes, wondering how in the world I lost them in the first place.

I wonder what my subconscious is telling me with that? Maybe that it was bored and wanted to wake up?

Speaking of my brother, he remembered my list of CDs that I missed since my divorce and sent me remastered versions of three of them, which was a very thoughtful gift!


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